Leather Tablet Stand


Chocolate Brown Leather Tablet Stand WAUCUSTTAB01

This Leather Tablet Stand is very simple, functional addition to your desk or work space. It is made of high quality top grain leather, designed to use with all devices -vertically or horizontally. This stand has clean, modern look.

Our clients have used this tablet stand and they are very happy with the quality of the product. It is a great addition to an executive’s desk or boardroom table. You can watch videos and presentation barely touching the device. It works in both horizontal and vertical positions. The easel back offers three upright positions that allows you to determine the angle of your device or it can be tucked in, to lie flat for easy storage.

This leather tablet stand is available in black, chocolate brown, rustic brown, burgundy etc. We can customize it according to your requirements. Let us know if you want to personalize it or have your company logo on it. This is just a great way to build brand awareness. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us. Also check out Clients Happy Reviews :) .

Conference Room Organizers Provide Professional Look

Conference Room Organizers

A conference room is often used for more than meetings for employees, it can be a place where potential and current client meetings are held, and important gatherings with accountants, investors, and owners. Most managers give little thought to its function, resulting in a clumsy collection of conference room items that are piled on the table. Attractive conference room organizers can not only keep the conference room looking neat, but provide elegance and professionalism too.

The more professional a conference room appears, the greater your chances for impressing important clients or other guest visitors to the business. This will result in a positive outcome for your business meetings. The best source for conference room organizers is from Wood Arts Universe. Here you can find organizers in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials. Genuine leather organizers can be purchased, as well as bonded leather, and leatherette.

Black Conference Room Organizer

Organizers are suitable for holding brochures, financial reports, notepads, post it notes, and notebooks. Many have compartments that hold smaller items such as paper clips, thumbtacks, elastics, and staples, so these items don’t get strewn throughout the room. Organizers may also be used to hold cords, chargers, cell phones, and remote controls. If you can hold it in your hand, it will fit into a table or desk organizer.

Meetings will be more effective when you can find everything you need neatly organized on the conference room table. Everything will be within reach, so that your clients can focus on your presentation and not on your hands fumbling for stationery or the remote control.

Dark Brown Bonded Leather 23-Piece Conference Room Set (Board Room Organizer)Bonded Leather Coaster Setzoom2

Many companies like to have branded products that can be used for a variety of identifying and promotional purposes. We can provide a FREE LOGO and personalization option of desk organizers, or other products such as pens, pencils, or notepads. Larger items that belong to the company can have identifying marks placed on them, decreasing the likelihood of theft.

Branded merchandise can also be presented to guests in a conference room, can be taken away by them. Whenever they glance at them in the future, they’ll have your business in mind, because they can see your logo and contact details on the products.


We also provide promotional t-shirts and button front shirts that can have your customized message or logo printed on the front. These shirts are available in a variety of colors for employees, clients, or your team. We also print in full color logo and graphic colors to suit your business’s official colors.

3200 Series Leather Conference Pad Holder in Rustic Brown

If you don’t see something that is suitable for your conference room, Wood Arts Universe also takes custom orders too. Conference room organizers can be used to organize every type of product or supply depending on your type of company. Simply send us the requirements and dimensions of your project, and we can make it up for you.

To learn more about how our elegant conference room organizers can provide a professional look and feel to your conference room, please visit our website at Wood Arts Universe.

How custom engraved pens are good for your business?

Logo Pens from Wood Art Universe

Custom products are excellent for promoting your business, and these silver metallic retractable pens are no exception.

Engraving, setup and artwork are free with the purchase of these pens, making the possibilities endless. Whether you choose to use your logo or a custom design is completely up to you. With that in mind, let’s explore what these pens can do for your business.

Promotional materials are important to getting word out about any business, regardless of what kind it is. Small, portable items that have some kind of use are the best way to do this- a customer will keep a pen on them just in case, while something like a wine glass tends to only be used at home.

Think of what sort of things, you see at, for example, a lawyer’s office, an insurance agent’s office, on the front desk at a hotel, or on the counter at a local spa. Chances are, you’ll find pens set out in plain sight for customers to use ( and inevitably take). How many times have you been handed a pen with a company logo on it to sign documents or fill out forms? They’re portable and affordable. Since you want customers to take them and spread them around, you want those pens to be affordable or else it’ll really hurt to place them.

Even better if your logo or an artistic design related to your business just happens to decorate your pens. They suddenly stand out a lot more, don’t they?

Our silver metallic retractable pens aren’t just for sitting in a cup at your office in the hopes someone will grab them, though. If you attend trade shows, keep them around your booth. Hand them out to potential customers and passers-by, run a draw and have people write their information on their entry form with with your pen, and let them take that pen home. If you have an area for customers to sign up to receive more information, keep those pens handy. Encourage people to take them home, and give extras- that act alone tells people a lot about you and your business. Generosity is a positive trait, especially as far as it applies to businesses, as the popular perception of the business world isn’t really positive from the public’s viewpoint.

Silver Metallic Retractable Pen With Free Engraving WAUCUSTFREE100

Another thing that you can do with these pens is include them in giveaways as the promotional portion of the package. Have people sign up for the giveaway at your trade show booth ( have what you plan on giving away on display so that everyone knows what they might be winning) and run the draw during trade show hours to encourage people to come back. What you wind up giving away is up to you, but we recommend vouchers for your services or packages that provide some kind of value: a pen, a nice leather portfolio, and a custom business card holder would be useful for business people if you’re at a trade event for that sort of person. Include your pen with vouchers for services or discounts instead of a business card.

In fact, anywhere you might hand out or use a business card, use the pen, instead. You will get strange looks You will get questions. That’s okay! That pen is your calling card, and you can even say as much. You want to be first on the mind of your customers, and what better way than to be the name on the first item they reach for whenever they go to sign documents, write information, fill out forms, and more.

Silver Retractable Pen With Free Engraving WAUCUSTFREE103

Due to very high demand of Promotional pens, we are offering FREE Engraving, FREE Imprinting, FREE Setup, FREE Artwork, FREE EProof . Let me know if anybody is interested in this. For more information, Please visit our website www.woodartsuniverse.com

If you would like to send us the customization information please send us an me an email along with the model number. Happy Shopping.

Nautical Theme Gifts

Thesaurus defines nautical as relating to ships, navigation or sailors. Nautical theme gifts would have items with the ship wheels, Anchors, maritime flags etc.

Our Navy Theme Gifts can be presented as an officer promotion gift or a changing of command gift. Getting a new CO ? They would love to receive one of our Nautical Gifts. The best engraved Navy Gifts are right here!

Wood Arts Universe has the best and unique nautical theme gifts for the Navy officers or the Nautical enthusiasts! These stunning Desk Organizers and Pen Stands are the perfect gifts to impress your boss. These organizers comes with a memo holder, ship wheel and stylish Anchor pen stands. Some of the products have calendars, Photo frames etc.
Recently we sold around 250 blank pieces to a promotional company as well as 10 individual desk organizers as a Fathers Day Gifts. These nautical organizers have the option of personalization and that’s what makes it more unique. Well, with this you’re sure to make a great impression when you give these quality gifts to your boss or loved ones.

Soon I will be posting pictures of few personalized nautical gifts on the Facebook fan page. Please like Wood Arts Universe fan Page and stay tuned to that.

New Year Gift with 2015 Calendar Planner

Leatherette Desk Calendar Planner WAUIS417

Desk Calendars are the best way to stay on top of everything in 2015. This is one of the essential tool that lets you organize the events, schedules and appointments conveniently.

Desk Calendars have become quite popular in the past few years. Today, they are popularly used as a New Year gift in the corporate world but apart from this, it has now become a necessity for many people. If you are planning to gift a meaningful and one of the perfect new year gifts, 2015 calendar with Desk pads make up a great gift for people of every age.

Wood Arts Universe has very elegant desk planners and these planners comes with 2015 desk calendars. In the month of December only, we sold approx 65 pieces of desk sets and desk planners with 2015 Desk Calendar. It’s getting sold like a hot piece of cake.

We have various styles of desk pads, some of them comes as a whole organizer where it has different slots for cell phone, pens, memo pads, business card holders. Most of the people like these modern style desk pads where they can fit all the office accessories in one place. It is available in Leather as well as leatherette. we take custom orders too meaning we can make it according to your requirement.

Promotional Leatherette Desk Planner WAUIS423

Please visit our website http://www.woodartsuniverse.com and browse for complete desk sets and desk calendar planners If you like to have your company logo or company name send me an email and we will be happy to assist you.

Promotional Cell Phone Holders

Promotional Cell Phone Holders

Wood Arts Universe has a pretty decent collection of promotional cell phone holders and caddies.

Now a days, everyone has access to or owns a cell phone for personal and business use. Your clients will appreciate receiving this unique promotional gifts that make their lives easier.

Cell phones are becoming more advanced and therefore more expensive, protecting one of your most important assets is a priority. It ensures that your cell phone is protected from dents, scratches and even falls.

Are you tired of losing your cell phones at your work? Cell phone holders are a great way to keep your phones in one place. We can customize this product according to your requirement. Just email us your dimensions and we can do it for you. No matter your budget, we have a promotional cell phone products that your customers are certain to love.

Due to very high demand of unique cell phone holders, we have reduced the minimum order quantity from 25 pcs to 2 pcs. Let me know if anybody is interested in this. For more information, Please visit our website www.woodartsuniverse.com

If you would like to customize it send me an email at info@woodartsuniverse.com along with the model number. Happy Shopping.

Wood Arts Universe Christmas Sale 2013

Christmas is right around the corner it’s the great time of the year to reinforce the relationships and give out holiday promotional gifts. The purpose of these promotional gifts is to show your care and appreciation to loyal Customers and Employees for the success of your business.

Wood Arts Universe has a great collection of Unique Corporate Gifts, Promotional items, Personalized Gifts, Customized Gifts etc. that would make your Client’s and Employees feel special and this would provide benefits to your business.

There are various kinds of corporate gifts that can be branded with your company logo, and they can vary from something simple to something Luxurious. I am sure your Customers or Clients would love to get these unique customized gifts such as Leather desk sets, desk organizers, other desk accessories, embroidered apparels, tote bags , money clips or other personalized items.

This Christmas, Wood Arts Universe is offering 5%-50% off on already reduced prices on the entire stock. The sale will be effective until December 28th, 2013.

    Desk Organizer WA16B16ST

Desk Organizer WA16B16ST

Clear the clutter from your desktop with this all in one desktop organizer. It features compartments for Android / Blackberry phones, business cards, Pens and pencils, notepads/ post it notes , wooden pen, calculator, clock etc., and is an elegant way to dress up the work area. This all in one desktop organizer makes a great gift item.

MSRP: $65.99
SALE: $58.99 (Already reduced price)
Savings: 11%

    Unique Desktop Organizer – WAMI88G

Unique Desktop Organizer - WAMI88G

Classic, traditional and stylish. This handsome desktop organizer is made from high quality materials and is polished to perfection.

The satin and wooden finish gives a classy look. Also, it has a place for organizing a variety of desk essentials – pens, cell phone, memo pad/ letters/note paper and business card holder.

An excellent gift for your clients or the executive in your life.

MSRP: $50.99
SALE: $37.99 (Already reduced price)
Savings: 25%

    Cell Phone Holder with Guitar and Clock

Cell Phone Holder with Guitar and Clock

This cell phone holder with guitar and clock is an elegant and convenient way to keep your cell phone. Also, it is an affordable way to promote new musical artist, music stores, technology, local bands etc and can be great gift for music lover’s.

    Burgundy Leather 7 Piece Desk Set – Top Grain Leather

Burgundy Leather 7 Piece Desk Set

Our burgundy leather desk set makes an excellent choice for business gift ideas. This desk set is made of top-grain leather and it includes the following 7 pieces

• Leather Desk Pad
• Leather Pencil Cup
• Leather Memo Holder – 4″ x 6 ”
• Leather Letter Holder
• Leather Business Card Holder
• Leather Letter Opener
• Leather Letter Tray

Create an exceptional impression with this set when you add personalization to this 7 piece business desk set made with top quality genuine top grain leather. You can include recipient’s name, initials, your company name or logo.

MSRP: $629.00
SALE: $279.99 (Already reduced price)
Savings: 55%

    Black Genuine Top Grain Leather Letter Holder

Black Genuine Top Grain Leather Letter Holder

Enhance your office decor and stay organized with this stylish black leather desktop piece This black genuine top grain leather letter holder features a three generous sections for better organization, and hand-tucked genuine top-grain leather with felt inner lining.

Also, it has an ingoing and outgoing letter slot. are well known for their flawless and durable finish. Its available in chocolate brown or rustic brown leather to match existing desk accessories, while providing elegant envelope storage.

    Black Leather Post-It Note Holder

Black Leather Post-It Note Holder

Hold your 5”x 5” note pads conveniently within reach while adding to the professional style of your desk with a hand-tucked black genuine top-grain leather note holder. It has a semi open front so even the last sheet is easy to grasp and a felt bottom to protect against scratching.

Beautifully made from top grain leather and available in Burgundy, Chocolate Brown and Rustic Brown color options. This note holder will spruce up your traditional office space.

    Rustic Brown Leather conference room organizer

Rustic Brown Leather Conference Room Organizer

Make your office meetings more efficient with the rustic brown leather conference room organizer. This organizer holds everything you need for a productive meeting. This conference room organizer features a genuine top-grain leather with a felt bottom.The office supply compartments on each side are lidded to conceal the clutter. Paper, pens, paper clips, and rubber bands finally have a home.

MSRP: $232.99
SALE: $160.99 (Already reduced price)
Savings: 31%

    Stylish gold plated half ball key ring WAUBK5024

Stylish Gold Plated Half Ball Key Ring - WAUBKC5024

This Stylish Gold Plated Half Ball Key Ring set the tone of the 10th Chapter of Women Entrepreneurs of America in Washington, DC. Those recipients of this most stylish merchandise was elegantly given to the Founding Members of this New Chapter in honor of them setting the tone of a New Chapter in DC.

MSRP: $8.99
SALE: $5.99 (Already reduced price)
Savings: 33%

Please provide your valuable comments and enjoy your shopping with Wood Arts Universe. Have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 from Wood Arts Universe Team.

Wood Arts Universe Cyber Monday Deals 2013

Cyber Monday 2013

The best days of the year are here. Cyber Monday deals are going to start December 2nd, 2013. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for bargain shoppers. If you are looking to save money this holiday or just love to get the good deals, we can help you.

Wood Arts Universe offer 5%- 20% discount store wide that means you can get to take additional 5% – 20% off on already reduced prices and the regular prices. We have some great deals for you and the good thing is you don’t need to stand outside in the cold to get them. This Sale is effective December 2nd, 2013. Check out www.woodartsuniverse.com for incredible Cyber Monday savings.

If you would like to customize any item send me an email at orders@woodartsuniverse.com along with the model number. Happy Shopping.

Branding with Promotional Desk Clocks

Promotional Desk Clocks

In today’s modern business world, it is very difficult to get popularized as the market upholds lots of competition. As per the market study, the promotional gifts act as an advertising vehicle. Promotional desk clocks makes the company logo visible to all and are much effective than any other promotional items as it imparts utmost exposure to the brand name. Every time a person locates the time is enforced to view the brand image. Hence, it promotes the brand name without much effort.

The promotional desk clocks are said to be ubiquitous. It can be used anywhere home, hotels, malls, clubs, hospitals, offices etc www.woodartsuniverse.com has a stylish promotional clocks and printed clocks.

Desk clocks makes a great addition to the corporate desk. It can be embarrassing to look at the wristwatch in front of the client. A desk clock on your desk can be a given a glance to see the time. Clocks are available in combination with desk organizers or business card holders, pen holders and memo holders. Some of the clock comes with the picture frames. Wood Arts Universe has different sizes of desk clocks. You can select the one that is appropriate for the desk. Some of the desk clocks have world time, or show different time zones i.e effective for international business.

If you would like to customize it send me an email at info@woodartsuniverse.com along with the model number. Happy Shopping.

Branding Using Promotional Key Chains

Promotional Key Chains

Promotional key chains are one of the best ways to promote branding. These key chains are very affordable and an effective marketing tool. Businesses successfully promote themselves with promotional key chains and many find them indispensable. If you need to advertise a car dealership, estate agent, cab or rental car agency, restaurants etc.. handing out promotional key chains are hard to beat. In other words, Small businesses can be able to use it very effectively to create visibility for their brand.

Promotional key chains are very useful and durable in nature that can promote your business for years. . Let’s say you giveaway key chains to your clients and he uses it approx three times every day for a year, that adds up to more than 1,000 impressions for your organization! Also, it can help you create a lasting impact on your clients

Many businesses like to target large market where there is a fierce competition but they have limited budget for advertising. In that case, Promotional Key chains can be the ideal way to promote the business. This basically makes your brand visible to others and convince them indirectly to become your customers. On the other side it helps retaining the existing customers. Promotional Key can be used effectively to achieve these goals. It is very easy to engrave your company’s logo and name at an affordable cost and then have them given away as gifts to your customers and prospects. Also, it’s a classy way to show off your business identity in a more positive light. Hence, it helps in rock solid brand advertising and brand retention.

Please visit our website http://www.woodartsuniverse.com and browse for our Promotional Key chains . If you like to have your company logo and name , send me an info@woodartsuniverse.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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