Promotional Cell Phone Holders

Promotional Cell Phone Holders

Wood Arts Universe has a pretty decent collection of promotional cell phone holders and caddies.

Now a days, everyone has access to or owns a cell phone for personal and business use. Your clients will appreciate receiving this unique promotional gifts that make their lives easier.

Cell phones are becoming more advanced and therefore more expensive, protecting one of your most important assets is a priority. It ensures that your cell phone is protected from dents, scratches and even falls.

Are you tired of losing your cell phones at your work? Cell phone holders are a great way to keep your phones in one place. We can customize this product according to your requirement. Just email us your dimensions and we can do it for you. No matter your budget, we have a promotional cell phone products that your customers are certain to love.

Due to very high demand of unique cell phone holders, we have reduced the minimum order quantity from 25 pcs to 2 pcs. Let me know if anybody is interested in this. For more information, Please visit our website

If you would like to customize it send me an email at along with the model number. Happy Shopping.

55 thoughts on “Promotional Cell Phone Holders

  1. Omg I never even knew they made promotional phone holders! How cool. I need to get some of these

  2. That’s nice that you’ve reduced the minimum order amount. I can see how they would come in handy

  3. These like some really nice phone holders. I personally wouldn’t use one since I like to keep my close in my hands, but this would make a great Christmas gift.

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