Nautical Theme Gifts

Thesaurus defines nautical as relating to ships, navigation or sailors. Nautical theme gifts would have items with the ship wheels, Anchors, maritime flags etc.

Our Navy Theme Gifts can be presented as an officer promotion gift or a changing of command gift. Getting a new CO ? They would love to receive one of our Nautical Gifts. The best engraved Navy Gifts are right here!

Wood Arts Universe has the best and unique nautical theme gifts for the Navy officers or the Nautical enthusiasts! These stunning Desk Organizers and Pen Stands are the perfect gifts to impress your boss. These organizers comes with a memo holder, ship wheel and stylish Anchor pen stands. Some of the products have calendars, Photo frames etc.
Recently we sold around 250 blank pieces to a promotional company as well as 10 individual desk organizers as a Fathers Day Gifts. These nautical organizers have the option of personalization and that’s what makes it more unique. Well, with this you’re sure to make a great impression when you give these quality gifts to your boss or loved ones.

Soon I will be posting pictures of few personalized nautical gifts on the Facebook fan page. Please like Wood Arts Universe fan Page and stay tuned to that.

88 thoughts on “Nautical Theme Gifts

  1. These are all great selections. I think anyone who likes anything nautical would love these.

  2. These nautical theme gifts is perfect for men. It would be nice if this will be put in their desk. 🙂

  3. This is great! My husband almost joined the Navy. This would be great for anyone who loves the sea. He loves Maritime ships.

  4. Those are great ideas for lovers of all things Nautical. Sounds like you are the place to go!

  5. These sets look amazing and very classy! These would make a nice holiday gift for everybody

  6. Men would love these. And I think they’re perfect for the office too.

  7. These are excellent ideas for just about anyone. you just can’t go wrong with a nautical themed gift and they are great for men for sure!

  8. These are all so classy and nice. I’ll bet this would be a good gift for someone in the Navy-it just seems perfect for that.

  9. Nautical themed gifts are a great idea. I love any kind of ocean or water/boat theme. It always reminds me of vacations.

  10. The nautical desk organizer would make a great gift for Father’s Day for the dad who loves sail! We have a neighbor who is crazy about sailing and I’m going to share this with his wife. 🙂

  11. These are indeed awesome nautical theme gifts for anyone serving in the Navy. My cousin has served for over 20 yrs in the Navy and he would love one of these desk organizers. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Those are some really nice gifts. I know a lot of people that would really enjoy these too. I think they’re great for offices.

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