Leather Tablet Stand

Chocolate Brown Leather Tablet Stand WAUCUSTTAB01

This Leather Tablet Stand is very simple, functional addition to your desk or work space. It is made of high quality top grain leather, designed to use with all devices -vertically or horizontally. This stand has clean, modern look.

Our clients have used this tablet stand and they are very happy with the quality of the product. It is a great addition to an executive’s desk or boardroom table. You can watch videos and presentation barely touching the device. It works in both horizontal and vertical positions. The easel back offers three upright positions that allows you to determine the angle of your device or it can be tucked in, to lie flat for easy storage.

This leather tablet stand is available in black, chocolate brown, rustic brown, burgundy etc. We can customize it according to your requirements. Let us know if you want to personalize it or have your company logo on it. This is just a great way to build brand awareness. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us. Also check out Clients Happy Reviews 🙂 .

22 thoughts on “Leather Tablet Stand

  1. This is a cool and stylish way to view your tablet. We often have to hold ours up so everyone can see it, but I believe this would solve that problem nicely. It would also make a great gift idea.

  2. Wow! What a great and sturdy-looking tablet stand. If I had a tablet, 8′ sure I would buy it. Perhaps a good gift idea

  3. We have like 6 tablets at home (don’t ask why. lol). Clearly we’re tablet hoarders but this may be a useful little gadget here.

  4. We are in the market for a tablet and stand for my stepmom. I am going to show her this one and see if she’s interested.

  5. This is a very stylish tablet holder. It would be nice travelling as it is versatile and many need to charge on the go. Looks very compact as well.

  6. I think this would be a great product for someone who is able to use their tablet as part of their business. A great, and chic, way to support and use it functionally. I’ll be looking out for someone for whom this would be the perfect gift.

  7. I don’t have a tablet or anything of the sort, so I’d have no use for it. I have to admit it looks nice, so I guess it could work as a gift…

  8. It’s perfect for your office desk especially if you use your tablet to keep track of your tasks and your schedule as well. This is pretty convenient, I like the simple design as well.

  9. This is such a gorgeous stand. I could definitely use this with my tablet to make it easier to use.

  10. This is a nice tablet stand. We are looking for a stand like this so the kids won’t be needing to hold the tablet every time they are going to watch something from it.

  11. I like this way better than the metal ones. Leather is always timeless to me.

  12. Such a perfect tablet stand, Looks like I want to have this. Glad you share this

  13. Oh, this looks lovely, I love the design and the functionality. Looks perfect for my son,

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